What are the Accessibility Guidelines for Publishers

Learn how to create an inclusive reading experience by following these accessibility guidelines in the publishing industry. Increase readership and engagement by making your content accessible to everyone. What are the Key Accessibility Guidelines for Publishers? To create an inclusive reading experience, publishers must follow certain best practice guidelines for publishers. These guidelines include: Providing […]

Accessibility Guidelines for People with Epilepsy

What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes seizure disorders. These seizures can range from mild to severe and may include convulsions, loss of consciousness, and other physical symptoms. Seizures are caused by disturbances in the electrical activity of the brain and may be related to a brain injury or family tendency. However, […]

What Are iPad Accessibility Features?

What Are Accessibility Features? Accessibility features are tools and options that are designed to make technology more accessible to people with disabilities such as people with hearing devices. Accessibility features can help people with visual, auditory, physical, and cognitive disabilities to use technology more effectively and efficiently. What are the benefits of Accessibility Features? The […]

What are ADA Accessibility Guidelines?

What is ADA? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law in the United States. It prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities from the general public. Under the ADA, discrimination is prohibited in various areas. These include employment, public accommodations, transportation, telecommunications, and government services to create equal opportunity. The law requires […]

Accessibility Guideline for Reading with Dry Eyes

How to Minimize Pain while Reading with Dry Eyes? Dry eye is a common problem, especially for those who spend a lot of time reading or using digital devices. Here are some accessibility guidelines to make reading easier for individuals with dry eyes: Avoid glare: Glare from screens or bright lighting makes dry eyes worse. […]

Best Equipments to Increase Accessibility

What are the Best Pieces of Equipment for Disabled People? Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs are for people who have trouble walking or standing. Mobility scooters: Mobility scooters are similar to electric wheelchairs, but they are for people who stand or walk short distances but need assistance for longer distances. Stairlifts: Stairlifts are motorized chairs that allow people […]

Best Reading Assistance Devices

What is Reading Assistance? Reading assistance refers to tools, technologies, and resources that are designed to help individuals with reading difficulties. These include visual impairments, dyslexia, or age-related macular degeneration, read more easily and effectively. The goal of reading assistance is to improve access to written information for people with reading difficulties. Who Needs Reading […]

Best Reading Assistance for People with ADHD

What is ADHD? ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, it is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects both children and adults. It is characterized by symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. These make it difficult for individuals to regulate their behavior, focus their attention, and follow through on tasks. People with ADHD usually have […]

What are iPhone Accessibility Features?

iPhone Accessibility features include VoiceOver, Zoom, and the Magnifier feature. Siri allows users to perform tasks hands-free using voice commands, while Dictation lets them speak instead of typing. They also include AssistiveTouch, which offers a virtual on-screen button for people with physical disabilities. Closed Captions is for people with hearing impairments, and Guided Access helps […]

What are Android Accessibility Features?

Android accessibility features help individuals with disabilities use their Android devices, such as Samsung, more easily. These features are in the “Accessibility” section of the device settings app. What Types of Disabilities Do Android Accessibility Features Accommodate? Android accessibility features are designed to help a variety of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, and cognitive impairments. […]