Best Audiobooks for Road Trips


Choosing the best audiobooks for road trips largely depends on your personal preferences and interests. It is possible to choose different podcasts or audiobooks depending on the type of trip, such as long road trips and family road trips.

Listening to your favorite audiobook with the whole family on your next road trip will definitely increase the enjoyment of your trip. From apps or web browsers, you can access many audiobooks and also you can find some free audiobooks.

Top 10 Audiobooks for Road Trips in 2023

Here is a list of the best 10 road trip audiobooks in 2023:

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Jim Dale narrates the first book of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling in Amazon-Audible. The long-time bestseller book introduces us to Harry as a neglected ten-year-old orphan who starts receiving magical invitations to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is 8 hours and 33 minutes long.

2. Eragon

Gerard Doyle narrates the book by Christopher Paolini. Perfect for Tolkien, this coming-of-age-story book in Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle series introduces us to Eragon, a fifteen-year-old poor farm boy who discovers his destiny as a dragon rider. The book is 16 hours and 22 minutes long and it is great for long drives.

3. Daisy Jones & The Six

The book is written by Taylor Jenkins Reid and it is narrated by a full cast. This captivating oral history of a fictional rock band is like listening to a real documentary. It is 9 hours and 3 minutes long.

4. Becoming

The writer and the narrator of this book are the same, who is Michelle Obama. Coming from the first African American first lady, this thoughtful and addictive memoir has captured the attention and earned the admiration of legions in the United States of America and all over the world. It is one of the best nonfiction audiobooks and it is 19 hours and 3 minutes long.

5. 11-22-63

This is one of the best books by Stephen King. King’s intense, time-traveling fantasy involves a 35-year-old English British teacher who goes 50 years into the past to prevent the Kennedy assassination.

Another award-winner book by Stephen King is Fairy Tales. It centers on teenager Charlie who’s had more than his share of trouble — but when he befriends an old man and his dog, he’ll discover a portal to another world

6. The Wife Between Us

Julia Whelan narrates this audiobook by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. The book explores the secret complexities of a marriage that seems perfect on the outside – getting into the heads of two women who love the same man and what each is willing to do to have him to herself. It is 11 hours and 13 minutes long.

7. The Graveyard Book

It is written by Neil Gaiman and is narrated by a full cast. A boy named Nobody Owens – Bod for short – lives in a graveyard and is raised and educated by ghosts. This captivating story by Gaiman is narrated by a star cast. It is 8 hours and 24 minutes long.

8. Dune

The beloved book by Frank Herbert is one of the great audiobooks. Though the author of this story died in 1986, fans of this classic have called it “one of the monuments of modern science fiction. It is 21 hours and 2 minutes long and it is perfect for long car rides.

9. Outlander

The book is written by Diana Gabaldon. In 1945, a former combat nurse touches a boulder in an ancient stone ruin and is suddenly transported to 1743 Scotland where her only chance at survival is with gallant Scotsman James Fraser.

10. The Couple Next Door

The book by Shari Lapena is a chilling tale of deception, duplicity, and unfaithfulness that examines the blind terror a couple (Anne and Marco) in upstate New York experience when they come home from a dinner party next door to discover their beloved daughter, Cora, is missing and not in her crib.

Other than these books, there are many great audiobooks by Roald Dahl, and Peter Jackson, and there are many other great narrators such as Bahni Turpin and Nicole Lewis.

How Do Genres like Mystery and Thriller Enhance the Road Trip Experience?

Genres like mystery and thriller can significantly enhance the road trip experience for several reasons:

  • Engaging and Suspenseful Storylines: Mystery and thriller genres are known for their gripping and suspenseful plots. They keep listeners on the edge of their seats, eager to find out what happens next. This heightened sense of anticipation can make long stretches of road feel much shorter and more exciting.
  • Captivating Narration: Audiobooks in these genres often feature skilled narrators who can bring the characters and suspense to life. The combination of a compelling story and excellent narration can create a captivating audio experience that keeps everyone in the car entertained.
  • Shared Experience: Listening to a mystery or thriller audiobook during a road trip allows all passengers to be engaged in the same thrilling experience, especially family-friendly audiobooks. It creates a shared narrative that can spark discussions, theories, and conversations during rest stops or at the end of the day’s journey.

How to Pick the Right Audiobook Length for Your Road Trip Duration

Picking the right audiobook length for your road trip duration is essential to ensure that you have enough entertainment without running out of content too quickly or having an audiobook that stretches beyond your trip. Here are some steps to help you choose the perfect audiobook length:

  • Know Your Road Trip Duration: Determine the approximate length of your road trip. Consider the total driving hours each day and the number of days you’ll be on the road.
  • Consider Stops and Breaks: Account for breaks, rest stops, and overnight stays. You may not be listening to the audiobook continuously, so adjust the total listening time accordingly.
  • Consider Series or Multi-Volume Audiobooks: If your road trip is longer, you can opt for a series or multi-volume audiobooks.
  • Check Audiobook Reviews and Ratings: Before finalizing your choice, read reviews or check ratings to ensure the audiobook is enjoyable and well-suited for your preferences and interests.
  • Sample the Audiobook: Most audiobook platforms allow you to listen to a sample before purchasing. Take advantage of this feature to get a sense of the narrator’s style and the audiobook’s overall appeal.
  • Remember Your Travel Companions: Consider the preferences and interests of your fellow travelers. Choose an audiobook that appeals to everyone or take turns allowing different people to choose the audiobook.
  • Download in Advance: Ensure that you download the chosen audiobook before the trip to avoid any connectivity issues during the journey.

Immersive Audiobooks with Sound Effects: A Theater for Your Ears on the Road

Audiobooks enhanced with immersive sound effects and music offer a unique and theatrical experience that can transform road trips into captivating journeys for the mind. Here are some reasons why these types of audiobooks are so alluring:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Sound effects and music can heighten the sense of immersion and engagement while listening to the audiobook. They create a more dynamic and interactive experience, making the story feel more real and alive.
  • Atmospheric Setting: The addition of sound effects can help set the scene and create a vivid atmosphere. Whether it’s the sounds of nature, bustling city streets, or eerie haunted houses, these elements bring the story to life in a way that traditional audiobooks cannot.
  • Emotional Impact: Music can evoke emotions and enhance the emotional impact of key moments in the story. It can intensify feelings of suspense, joy, sorrow, or excitement, making the audiobook experience even more powerful.
  • Distinct Characterization: Sound effects can be used to distinguish different characters’ voices, making it easier for listeners to follow dialogue exchanges and character interactions. This adds depth to the storytelling and helps listeners form stronger connections with the characters.
  • Theatrical Production: Audiobooks with sound effects and music can feel like full-fledged theatrical productions. They blur the line between audiobooks and radio plays, providing a multi-sensory experience that captures the imagination.
  • Complements Long Drives: On long road trips, fatigue can set in, and attention spans may waver. Immersive audiobooks with sound effects and music help keep listeners engaged, awake, and entertained, making the journey feel shorter and more enjoyable.
  • Great for Group Listening: When traveling with best friends or family, these audiobooks become a shared experience, allowing everyone to enjoy the story together and discuss it during breaks or at the end of the day.
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