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Automatically convert text to speech (voice) with SPEAKTOR’s artificial intelligence text reader.

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Firstly click on My Account page or ”Try It Free” buttons. Secondly you can continue with your Google and Facebook account or you can sign up with your email. That’s all, now you can use SPEAKTOR to convert text to audio. Moreover, with your SPEAKTOR subscription, you can use Transkriptor and convert audio to text. 

Firstly, Click on ”My Account” page to go to your dashboard. On your dashboard, click on the relevant service. Secondly you will enter the relevant service page. On the service page select the language and click on upload file. If you pick the wrong language please regress the page and try again. A popup window will ope, you will be asked to select the file that you want to convert to voice. If you have different format please use any converter tool to convert your file to supported format.

After uploaded the file wait until Speaktor does it’s magic.

Click on the play button to see the final product. Let Speaktor read your text file for you!

One Subscription 3 Solutions

You signed up for SPEAKTOR and you are converting text to audio, but what if you need to convert audio to text? Don’t worry because you can use your SPEAKTOR membership and minutes on TRANSKRIPTOR at no additional cost.

Speech To Text

speech to text


Automatically transcribe your meetings, interviews, lectures, and other conversations

Text To Speech

text reader


Automatically convert your text to voice

AI Writer


Automatically convert your text to voice

Your Own Personal AI Lecturer​

Say goodbye to handouts and book reading sessions, because SPEAKTOR is the perfect personalized lecture assistant you need. With the power of our artificial intelligence, it turns written content into professional-quality audio content you can listen to.

Make SPEAKTOR read for you. Finish your least favorite tasks at half the time.

Create Digital Content for Everyone

SPEAKTOR helps you boost your online reputation by repurposing your content. It opens up new avenues for you as you now can create multimedia content only through text-to-speech technology. So you will be able to add an option for people to listen to your blogs or any kind of written text on your website. 

Make Your Website Accessible to Dyslexic and Visually Impaired People

Enriching your website with multiple options can yield great dividends for you. However, it has one more benefit. Accommodating dyslexic and visually impaired people is a vital thing in itself. It’s crucial that these people use and access the internet. SPEAKTOR’s text reader helps these people by acting as a virtual speaker, benefitting both your business and your audience.

Read More Books by Listening!

SPEAKTOR can read any text, content, or book you give it. Listen to your favorite novels, textbooks, articles and so much more. Stay informed on the latest news and get reading done with ease. The resulting audio sounds so lifelike that you don’t have to wear out your reading eyes anymore. Simply press a button and get access to a collection of natural-sounding voices in 42 different languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading can be much harder than listening. Your brain works harder when you read. It’s less tiring when someone is reading to you. Use SPEAKTOR to turn text to speech. That way you can surf through articles, books and reports with less effort.

Don’t settle for a monotonic English recording that sounds computerized. SPEAKTOR has multiple natural sounding virtual speakers for every language on your command. Choose among them as you like.

Our ever-improving text-to-speech software can convert any text to speech within minutes. Upload your text file, and it will take half the duration of the output speech file.

SPEAKTOR is perfect for studying because you can use it as a screen reader and listen to contents on a webpage. Moreover, you also can upload any of your study materials and convert them to speech. Then, you can take notes and think about the material as SPEAKTOR reads it for you

If you are a content creator and don’t prefer to be in front of the camera, use this! SPEAKTOR takes your material in text format, and convert them voice. You don’t have to even show your face, make a recording, or do anything other than turning your text to voice.

You can download your audio files as mp3 with Speaktor.

Yes, Speaktor is available in iOS app store and the Android Play Store.

Since dyslexic people have difficulty reading, listening to the material on any site is a huge improvement in their quality of life. SPEAKTOR helps tremendously in that. Our AI-powered software can turn all websites in text form into speech. That way, a visually impaired or dyslexic person can surf through any site, and use SPEAKTOR to turn the text to voice.

SPEAKTOR empowers people’s literacy and helps businesses, professionals, and students across the globe by providing an affordable, easy-to-use, and effective text reader.

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