How to Use Text-to-Speech to Proofread?

Enabling proofreading mode in the text-to-speech application

Benefits of Proofreading with the Use of Text to Speech

While writing your thoughts, it can be hard to notice the writing errors you have made while checking. Because you read what you think you wrote, not what you did write. So, you need to check your writing objectively. Also, you can do it by using text-to-speech.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using text-to-speech as a proofreading tool:

  • Better error detection than grammar and spelling checkers
  • The fastest way to proofread
  • Chance to hear what you have written from other voices
  • More awareness of consistency errors
  • More understanding of sentence structure errors

1-    Better Error Detection Than Grammar and Spelling Checkers

Grammar and spelling checkers can be quite helpful, but there is no guarantee that they will catch every error. Because they do not take the context into consideration. In addition, it is very simple to accidentally select the incorrect letter when using a keyboard.

How Can Grammar and Spelling Checkers be Insufficient?

Spelling and grammar checkers may not always detect typos and grammatical errors. For instance, “r” and “t” are adjacent. If you write “out” instead of “our,” your spelling checker won’t detect that as a mistake because “out” is also a word. But it probably won’t make sense to write “out” instead of “our” in the sentence.

2-    The Fastest Way to Proofread

It takes a lot of time to reread the text to find and correct problems, and this is especially true if you have created a lengthy piece of writing, such as a novel.

It takes much less time to listen to something than read it, which is why using text-to-speech apps to proofread can be so helpful.

3-    Chance to Hear Your Writing From Other Voices

If you want to find errors in your writing, you can always read it aloud and attempt to hear it from another person’s perspective.

Additionally, having somebody else read it for you can be a better and more efficient use of your time than reading it yourself. However, there is no guarantee that you will find someone else.

So, using text-to-speech will be in favor of you.

4-    More Awareness of Consistency Errors

When you’re in the middle of writing something, your mind may wander to another point, causing you to unintentionally skip from one subject to another without adequately connecting the dots.

You’ll be able to spot errors like this and make fast corrections to them when you listen to your writing read aloud via text-to-speech.

5-    More Awareness of Sentence Structure Errors

Similar to consistency errors, sentence structure errors are hard to detect. Because you have a better ability than most others to comprehend the sentences you have written, even though they are structurally disorganized.

However, if you listen to your writings read aloud by a computer program that converts text to speech, you will be better able to recognize errors.


What is Proofread?

Proofreading is the process of reading written work and making notes of any mistakes. The most common mistakes are spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency.

Why Should You Consider Using Proofread?

It’s possible that when you put your thoughts down on paper, they won’t be as neatly organized as they were in your head. These mistakes are often hard to be realized during the writing process. As a result, it is necessary to check them thereafter.

In such cases, proofreading with text-to-speech can be quite assistive and efficient.

Why is proofreading important?

Before submitting an academic research paper, essay, or other types of written document, a writer should always go over what they have written to avoid publishing a document that is riddled with errors (as only an unprofessional writer would be careless enough to do so).

Your writing reflects who you are and will be the first impression you make on people who have never met you. We must put as much thought and care into our writing as we do into our speech and clothing.

How Can Proofread Prevent Misunderstandings?

It is critical to proofread your paper because errors in written works cause misunderstanding; changing the intent and meaning of the written word can harm the writer’s reputation.

When writing a document, don’t assume there is no need to double-check your work or that you don’t have time to proofread it. It is always a good idea to go back over your work. Allow yourself and your work some time before submitting your essay, as a fresh perspective will help you edit your paper with clear eyes.

What is Text to Speech?

Text-to-speech is a newly improving technology that reads written content aloud to users. The usage areas of text-to-speech software expand, including social media platforms, websites, and even the education field. 

What is the Purpose of Text to Speech?

Text-to-speech programs aim to help people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, struggling with reading, and being visually impaired. However, anyone interested in gaining advantages from this newly emerging technology is welcome to do so.

How to Use Text-to-Speech on Microsoft Word

One of the most common platforms people use for writing is Microsoft Word. There is no need for an extra extension or app for using text-to-speech with Word.

You can use text-to-speech to proofread on Microsoft Word whether you use Mac, Windows, IOS, or Android.

To activate text-to-speech on your Word document:

  • Open a Word document and write whatever you want
  • Click the “Review” button at the top of the page.
  • Click the “Read Aloud” button at the top left of the page.
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