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In this article, we delve into the profound and influential writings of this prominent religious leader and author. Ellen White’s works have touched the lives of many, while offering spiritual guidance, practical wisdom, and insights into Christian living.

What is Audiobook?

An audiobook is a recorded version of a book that can be listened to instead of read. It allows individuals to enjoy books through spoken words, while allowing for a hands-free and immersive reading experience. Audiobooks are typically narrated by professional voice actors or sometimes even by the author themselves, while bringing the text to life with their tone, inflections, and emotions.

Who is Ellen G. White?

Ellen G. White was a prominent author and religious leader who lived from 1827 to 1915. She was one of the co-founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Christian denomination known for its emphasis on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, resistance in the Millerite movement,Sabbath observance, and health principles. Ellen White is recognized by Seventh-day Adventists while having received spiritual visions and messages from the holy spirit.

What are Best Ellen G. White Audiobooks?

Here are the best EGW audiobooks in different genres according to reviews including Goodreads, best sellers :

Conflict of the Ages series

This series comprises several audiobooks that provide a comprehensive exploration of the cosmic conflict between good and evil, as depicted in the Bible and christian books. The books in the series include “Counsels on Sabbath School ,” “Life of Paul,” “The Desire of Ages,” “The Acts of the Apostles,” “The Great Controversy,” and “Christ’s Object Lessons.”

Steps to Christ

This timeless classic explores the steps to developing a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ as a methodical guide for the evangelical. It offers practical guidance for devotional people while seeking spiritual growth, forgiveness, and peace.

The Desire of Ages

Delve into the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through the eyes of Ellen White. It is an autobiography and non-fiction. This audiobook provides profound insights into Christ’s ministry, his love, compassion, and sacrifice for humanity in its sections like unto you and pilate.

The Great Controversy

While offering a historical perspective on the conflict between good and evil, this audiobook presents a sweeping narrative from biblical times to the future. It explores themes such as religious liberty, end-time events, and the ultimate triumph of God’s kingdom.

Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing

In this audiobook, Ellen White unpacks the teachings of Jesus found in the Sermon on the Mount. It provides practical insights on topics such as forgiveness, prayer, and the principles of Christian living.

Christ’s Object Lessons

Explore the parables of Jesus and their spiritual significance in this audiobook. Ellen White’s commentary on these timeless stories helps readers understand the deeper lessons and practical applications for daily life and how satan interact with it.


This audiobook presents Ellen White’s vision of true education, while emphasizing the development of character and the pursuit of knowledge in service to God and others. It offers insights on the purpose and methods of education for both children and adults especially in the last days.

Patriarchs and Prophets

This audiobook takes readers on a captivating journey through the lives of biblical patriarchs and prophets, while providing insights into their experiences, challenges, and faith. It offers a deeper understanding of God’s dealings with humanity throughout history.

Counsels on Diet and Foods

While focusing on the importance of a healthful lifestyle, this audiobook offers practical advice on nutrition, diet, and the connection between physical and spiritual well-being. It provides guidance on adopting healthful habits and making informed choices for a balanced and vibrant life.

The Acts of the Apostles

Explore the early Christian church and the experiences of the apostles through this audiobook. It highlights their struggles, triumphs, and the spread of the gospel message, while offering valuable lessons for contemporary believers.

Messages to Young People

Geared towards young readers and listeners, this audiobook provides practical counsel and guidance for navigating the challenges of youth. It addresses topics such as character development, relationships, decision-making, and the pursuit of a purposeful life.

Testimonies for the Church

This audiobook is an early writing of Ellen White’s personal testimonies and messages to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It covers a wide range of topics relevant to chosen people and the church community, while providing spiritual gifts, encouragement, and admonition.

The Kingdom of God

This audiobook explores the concept of the Kingdom of God as taught by Jesus Christ. It delves into the principles, values, and characteristics of God’s kingdom, while revealing its relevance to individuals and society. Through biblical insights and practical applications, Ellen White illuminates the transformative power and eternal significance of living as citizens of the Kingdom of God.

The Ministry of Healing

In this audiobook, Ellen White provides profound insights into physical, mental, and spiritual healing. It explores the principles of health and wellness from a holistic perspective, addressing the connection between lifestyle, faith, and well-being.

The Adventist Home

This insightful audiobook explores the principles of building a Christ-centered home and the sanctified life. Ellen White provides practical advice on marriage, parenting, and creating a loving and harmonious family environment.

Steps to Personal Revival

In this audiobook, Ellen White explores the process of personal revival and spiritual renewal. Discover the steps to spiritual revival, including repentance, surrender, and seeking the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Story of Redemption

It is an audiobook that offers a comprehensive exploration of God’s plan for humanity’s redemption. Through biblical narratives, Ellen White unveils the unfolding of God’s love, mercy, and grace throughout history.

Christian Service

It is an audiobook that explores the principles and practical aspects of service in the Christian life. Ellen White emphasizes the importance of selflessness, compassion, and active engagement in meeting the needs of others. This audiobook offers insights on the various forms of Christian service, including ministry, evangelism, and acts of kindness.

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