Mute people use text-to-speech technology for different reasons. Text-to-speech apps can turn text into an audio format in real-time. This assistive technology is more than useful for people who struggle with speaking or reading. Also, it can help them better communicate with the people in their lives by turning text into a natural-sounding with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

Sign language

How Does Text-to-Speech Help Mute People?

Normally, mute people use sign language in their daily lives when they want to communicate with someone. However, all the people they encounter may not know sign language, which can create communication problems.

With text-to-speech API (TTS), mute people can communicate with other people very quickly.

How Can Mute People Use Text-to-Speech on Android?

With text-to-speech, your mobile phone can convert text input and play audio aloud.

Install voice data for a different language:

What are the Preferred TTS Apps on Android?

There are some apps at Google Play Store for Mute People who Use Text-to-Speech:

Why is Pocket?

A pocket is a text-to-speech tool mainly used to read articles out loud from your Android device’s web browser.

Why is Talk Free?

Talk Free is another text-to-speech app for Android that is designed to be as simple as possible.

The app can also read the content from not just websites and articles but also PDF documents and other types of content.

Why is Voice Aloud Reader?

Voice Aloud Reader is an application that can read nearly any text on your Android device’s screen out loud. Also, this includes websites, emails, social media posts, PDF files, and more.

Why is Narrator’s Voice?

Narrator’s Voice is another popular text-to-speech app on the Android platform. This is because of the many helpful features that it offers to users, including support for multiple languages.

How Can Mute People Use TTS on iOS?

Apple provides text-to-speech to its users, you can activate TTS on your iPhone or iPad. In addition, with this technology, you can read aloud your written texts, text messages, Microsoft, and PDF documents.

What Mute People Use Text-to-Speech on iOS?

There are some apps that you can download from AppStore:

Why Text to Speech! is Preferred?

Text to Speech! is a free text-to-voice program that allows users to convert text to speech.

Why is Voice Dream Reader Preferred?

Voice Dream Reader is a famous voice-to-text application used by people with dyslexia, learning disabilities, autism, executive functioning disorders, blindness or low vision, and other issues that make reading and comprehending printed text difficult.

Also, you can buy the full app version at $9.99 (one-time charge).

Why is Narrator Voice Preferred?

Narrator’s Voice is a simple, free text-to-speech program for iOS and Android. Furthermore, this app can convert text to .MP3 audio files.

Why is NaturalReader Preferred?

The AI-powered voice reader is available on Android, iOS, and web browsers and can be used for many purposes, including school and work.