What is Speed Listen?

With the developing technology, we can increase the listening speed to save time. You can increase the speed of a video or recording to speed up listening.


Why Would You Want to Speed Listen?

Instead of reading, listening with text-to-speech engines can save you time as it is much faster. But you can make it even more efficient by saving time by using speed listening. To speed time more, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Since we’re talking about speed, text-to-speech software and text-to-speech tools is the answer.

 How to Use Text-to-Speech-to-Speed Listen with Microsoft Word?

To use text-to-speech on Microsoft Word and to increase the speed level:

 How to Use Text-to-Speech-to-Speed Listen with Microsoft PowerPoint?

 To use text-to-speech on Microsoft PowerPoint and to increase the speed level: 

 How to use Text to Speech to Speed Listen with Chrome Extension?

 Google Chrome supports several text-to-speech technologies, and you can use them by adding extensions to your Chrome. Also, you can arrange the speed level and listen to the texts faster. Thanks to them, you can have high-quality converted text. Start upping the audio speed when listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or learning material.

 How to Speed Listen with Read Aloud?

·      Go to the Read Aloud website and click the “Add to Chrome” button

What is Text to Speech?

 Text-to-speech is a newly improving technology that reads written content aloud to users. you can use this feature in both android and ios. With text-to-speech, your device can convert text input and play audio aloud. Most people with disabilities such as dyslexia will need utility features with more advanced functionality for daily use. 

Where Can You Use Text to Speech?

You can use text-to-speech with the written content on your phone, tablet, or computer. Whether you are dealing with Microsoft Word docs, Microsoft PowerPoint documents, PDFs, or audiobooks/audio files, you can use text to speech feature easily. Increasing accessibility features of your content is another benefit of text-to-speech with natural-sounding voices.