How to use Text to Speech as Voice Changer?

Selecting voice options in text-to-speech voice changer

Alternatives to Voice Changers

Here are things you can do instead of using voice changer software programs:

  • Use a remote voice-changing device, such as a Bluetooth microphone.
  • Using a Text to Speech tool together with a speech recognition tool to create your own voice changer

How to Use Text to Speech as a Voice Changer?

  1. Pick a TTS tool
  2. Pick the sound you want from a variety of sounds
  3. Write what you want the voice to read, or pick a transcription tool, and type your voice with the transcription tool.
  4. Press read and download the speech as an mp3 file.

What is a Voice Changer

Voice changers are devices or software that can change the tone or pitch of audio. Voice changers can be hardware products that can work standalone, or software programs that you can use with any PC.

Who uses Voice Changers?

Here is a list of use cases for voice changers:

  • Gamers who want to stay anonymous
  • Young people that want to troll their friends
  • Call center employees who aim to present a standard voice
  • Content creators who want to stay anonymous while creating a persona

How to use a Voice Changer?

Here are the steps to how to use a voice changer:

Time needed: 1 day

  1. Choose a Voice Changer App

    Choose a fitting voice changer app for your budget and needs.

  2. Download or Log In to That App

    Set up your profile and start using it

  3. Select your microphone as the input device.

  4. Select your headphones as the output device.

    Or, if you prefer, you can choose to download the changed version of your voice

Which Voice Changer Apps are the Best?

Here is a list of some good voice changer apps:

What are the Benefits of Using a Voice Changer?

  • Getting rid of pushy salespeople and malicious callers. A voice changer can make you sound like a different age or gender. You may also sound a lot angrier than you actually are. You can use voice changers to scare off unwanted callers.
  • Making secret searches. You may want to collect information from someone about your spouse whom you might be cheating on you. Voice changers benefit a lot in these cases.
  • Creating Voiceovers. You might want to sound more professional when doing a voiceover for your presentation.
  • Acting as your own secretary to sound like you are busy. You may want to refuse the offers of people that want to reach you, but scared to come off as rude. So by using voice changers you can reject people politely.
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