Best AI Voiceover Chrome Extensions

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We have made a list of the top ai voiceover Chrome extensions, ranking each one according to their benefits and drawbacks (with free and pro plan options).

Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a Chrome extension that has a text-to-speech feature. It can convert any text file format, including PDF, Docs, eBooks, and emails. Natural Readers also includes an immersive reader mode that allows users to read without interruptions.

The Natural Reader extension has four tabs: one for adjusting the voice and playback speed, one for changing settings, one for saving progress to mobile, and one for listening to PDFs or uploaded texts.

Top Features

  • Supports voices in over 16 languages
  • It has an OCR function that can read text from images and pdf files
  • Enables voice customizations like adjusting reading speed and changing the voice 
  • Users can easily switch from desktop to mobile app without losing track of the portion that has been read
  • Supports the use of keyboard shortcuts. For example,  Alt + R instructs Natural Reader to start reading text.
  • Works offline and open-source


The Chrome extension for Speechify is fully customizable, with additional settings that allow the user to adjust the speed of the speech synthesis. The text-to-speech tool reads aloud any text found on a website, and it does so in a natural and conversational manner. Additionally, it is capable of speaking in a variety of languages.

After installing the Speechify extension for Chrome, users can click the pinned icon to bring up a floating control bar that allows them to read aloud whatever they require. Additionally, users are able to upload PDFs and hit play to listen to documents even while performing other actions.

Top Features

  • Voice customizations
  • Enables users to save files to listen from their desktop or mobile app without losing track of the text
  • Natural voices
  • Mac and PC compatible 
  • Supports an OCR functionality that enables users to extract texts from images, pdfs, and eBooks
  • High-quality voices in 60+ languages is a voice generator that operates on the web and makes it possible to generate high-quality text-to-speech. Because of the platform’s uncomplicated user interface (UI), it is effortless to use. On the home page, there is a text box where you can type your text, select the language, gender, and voice style, and then set the conversion speed to get the job done.

Top Features

  • Voice inflections to fine-tune speech tone
  • Customize Speech Pronunciations
  • Preview all voice styles before the application
  • Experiment with different speech styles
  • Realistic voices

Read Aloud

The text-to-speech app chrome extension from Read Aloud allows users to read documents and web pages aloud with high-quality voices. It includes several options for altering the speed and pitch of the voices, as well as increasing the volume of the reading. It has text translation shortcut keys for pausing, playing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding.

Read Aloud can read texts in various formats, including PDFs, e-books, Google Play Books, and Amazon Kindle. Furthermore, users can gain access to premium voices such as Amazon Polly, Google Wavenet, and IBM Watson by logging in and making an additional in-app purchase.

Top Features

  • Access to voices in over 40 different languages
  • Offers text highlighting 
  • It provides multiple voice options to choose from
  • Supports voice customizations
  • Works well with most websites like blogs, news, text, and eBooks, and most university course material
  • User-friendly


Talkie is a free text-to-speech software with a Chrome extension that allows users to read aloud websites, PDFs, and email, thereby overcoming language barriers. Most importantly, with Talkie’s text-to-speech extension, you can download new voices, languages, and dialects for free on your operating systems, such as Microsoft, Google Play, and Apple.

Top Features

  • Support around 40 languages (English, French, Spanish, and so on)
  • Accessible on both Android and iOS devices
  • Available as a plugin for websites built on WordPress
  • No fixed price; follows a pay-what-you-want subscription
  • Unlimited word count
  • No registration required


Snap&Read offers functions as a floating toolbar that sits atop any running desktop or laptop program. It also gives the user the ability to have any user-selected words, phrases, or paragraphs read aloud. This includes text from Microsoft Word documents, images or text from PDF files, and even the contents of a software dialogue box.

Top Features

  • With Snap&Read’s dynamic text leveling, users can adjust the readability of text without changing its meaning.
  • Convert text files to speech in other languages ​​and adjust the readability of the text in real-time
  • Supports OCR screenshot reading which also translates text into your native language
  • Natural-sounding voice
  • Text highlighting and voice changer feature
  • Beyond webpages, Docs, and PDFs, Snap&Read also reads text from images and scanned documents using OCR.


Woord provides two very convenient methods for generating speech. You can either type in the text you want to convert or paste the URL of an entire article.

From its library, you can choose the style, gender, language, and even accent. Voice generation is also very fast. You can listen to the generated voice by pressing the ‘Play’ button or downloading the file in MP3 format.

Top Features

  • Create and redistribute generated voices across various mediums
  • Unlimited text-to-speech generation
  • Create versatile voice-over work that can be utilized for audiobooks, youtube videos, podcasts, and more
  • Chrome browser extension
  • OCR to capture text from images and PDFs

They allow you to download your final voiceover audio file or video in multiple formats. Audio can be downloaded as an mp3 file, FLAC file, or in WAV format, whereas the voice-over video can be downloaded in mp4 and MOV file formats. 

Key Characteristics of an Ai Voiceover Chrome Extension

The best Ai voice chrome extensions can be used in various webpages and applications, including Google Docs, TXT files, PowerPoint presentations, and others. But, before taking advantage of what these extensions offer, we must first understand what essential functions a chrome extension must have. The following are some of the key features:

  • Be easy to use and deliver a great user experience,
  • Work well with web pages, PDF documents, Docx files, and other document formats,
  • Professional voice actors and voice cloning
  • Possible to adjust speech voices by arranging the pitch, emphasis, pause, and pronunciation
  • Works across all browsers, 
  • Real-time lifelike speech experience,
  • Function effectively on Android and iOS devices,
  • Human-like voices / realistic voices
  • Female voices/ Male voices
  • It supports multiple languages and accents

Frequently Asked Questions

What are AI Voices?

Narrations produced by an AI voice generator that uses machine learning to replicate high-quality, natural-sounding speech are referred to as artificial intelligence voices. They can convert any text into audio files that sound human. 

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