Discord is a new social platform application

How to Make Discord Read your Messages?

In its simplest form, you can use the “/tts” command to use text-to-speech. After typing /tts, leave a space and write your message; the voice bot will speak your message for you. The Slash command does not appear in your message. 

/tts command

How to activate Text to Speech on Discord Desktop App?

Two settings must turn on your account to enable text-to-speech on Discord.

  1. Turn on the “/tts” command setting.
    • Open the Discord desktop app on your Windows PC or MAC
    • Click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner, beside your username
    • Click “Accessibility” under the App Settings
    • Scroll the page and find the Text-to-Speech option
    • Make sure this option is enabled
Accessibility setting on discord
  1. Decide the TTS choice in Text to Speech Notifications
    • Open Discord on your PC or MAC
    • Click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner, beside your username
    • Click “Notifications” under the App Settings
    • Find Text-to-Speech Notifications
    • Choose an option other than “Never” as your wish
    • Close Discord, restart the program, enter “/tts” followed by a space, and type your message.
    • Discord bot speaks the message.
Notifications setting on discord

What is the difference between TTS Notifications Settings?

For all channels: This setting reads notifications from all channels to you. Your messages are read aloud even if the sender did not use the /tts command.

For the currently selected channel: This option provides flexibility, as the tts bot only reads messages from specific channels.

Never: The use of the /tts command by those who send you messages will not work for reading messages aloud. You can’t transform text into speech. Everything will be quiet. It is useful when you do not want to hear the Discord text’s speech.

What are the Benefits of Text-to-Speech Messages on Discord?

There are also many optional features on Discord, like the text-to-speech chat, which conveys messages to you when you’re busy typing. Text-to-speech is a feature that permits your device to read aloud text. The TTS feature converts text messages to voice messages in Discord. You can send voice messages from your iPhone or Android app using the tts command. Additionally, you can change the default language and turn this feature on or off. There may be different favors of using the TTS feature in Discord:

Text-to-speech rate setting on discord

How to disable Text to Speech Voice on Discord?

If you don’t want voiceover while using Discord, you can disable the text-to-speech sounds. Turning off the tts function is accessible in a couple of steps. When you follow these steps, even if discord users use the /tts command, the text-to-speech bot will not work and will not speak the text.

 Turn off the text-to-speech command setting.

Decide the TTS choice in Text to Speech Notifications

Can you Change the Text to Speech Chat Voice on Discord?

Discord tts speaking language changes depending on the language in which you use Discord. This means that if you use Discord in English, tts messages sent in other languages will be read in the language specified in Discord’s settings, which is English. You can easily change the Discord language preferences by following these steps:

Why Isn’t Working Text-to-Speech on Discord?

There may be different reasons why Discord’s text-to-speech feature is not working. To solve the problem, you can try some of these options:

What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app. It can support any media, so you can contact them through whatever type of communication suits you best – a video call, voice chat, or text conversation. It also includes the ability to collaborate or watch games with screen sharing. There is no number of people limitation in Discord. Discord servers are free meeting places where people can chat or use voice channels to communicate with their community. Everyone can create public or private Discord servers. It’s an app for managing large communities or even small groups wanting to hang out online. It can be used while playing games as Discord is an application that allows playback. Discord has mobile apps for android and ios and can be used on multiple devices.

Why is Discord more popular among Gamers?

Discord is an ideal free application to talk simultaneously while playing games. Many games have a chat feature but typing while playing games is more complex than talking.

Frequently Asked Questions about Text to Speech on Discord?

Can I change the Male and Female tts voices on Discord?

You cannot change Discord’s tts bot audio selection by changing your computer’s language or voice settings. You can only change the tone of a text-to-speech chat voice bot by downloading a third-party app.