Numerous text-to-speech applications and Google chrome extensions are available for Microsoft and iOS devices. Also, you can download applications for iOS and android from the app stores of your devices. The voice of the person reading aloud can also be changed depending on the specified language.

A grl who uses a text to speech app

Do third-party applications have different voice options?

Some TTS tools support different voices and some don’t. Speaktor is one of the best text-aloud apps. Speaktor offers over 40 different language options and a few unique custom voices for every foreign language.

What are the advantages of different voice options of text reader tools?

Text-to-speech technology is an excellent feature for busy people who need voice support. Text-to-speech technology allows your device to read text aloud. You can also change the default language and turn this feature on or off. There may be several advantages to using the speech synthesizer feature:

Thanks to the Text reader, it takes much less time to create high-quality marketing or e-learning videos with natural voices. You can optimize your time and money by utilizing the power of machine learning.

What is text-to-speech?

TTS is a technology that converts text to natural-sounding voices. TTS can synthesize audio files and real-time voices. Online text readers provide them with a human-like voice or animated voice. It allows the users to hear the text they are reading aloud with machine learning. The voice can be customized, and different voices can be used to make the text more interesting. Most text-to-speech tools function in the same way. You can either paste the text into the textbox or upload a file.

Which social media platforms have their own tts feature?

Tiktok, Instagram, discord, and google docs are some of the examples of applications that have their speech synthesis feature. These voiceover technologies in favorite apps generally have default voices or limited speech options. Also, the features of social media sites are limited to specific tools and cannot be adapted to other mobile applications. 

How to Change the Text-to-Speech Voice on a Mac?

If you’re unsatisfied with the default voice, there are options to change it. You can change the voice of your writing assistant at any time and find the perfect fit for your needs. To change the language and speech voice on Mac, follow these steps:

Follow the steps below to add sounds other than the default sounds:

To learn more about Mac text-to-speech settings, check Apple’s support site.

If the text reader is not working, check the updates about the ios version of your Mac device.

How to customize Google ttsreader voices on Chromebook?

You can use the Acapela TTS Engine chrome extension to purchase different voices and languages to customize the voice of Google Text Reader. To the personalized sound of text to voice on Chromebook, apply these easy steps:

To learn more about Google text-to-voice preferences settings, check this link: Change the language or voice of spoken text – Google Accessibility Help

Frequently Asked Questions about changing Text to Speech voice?

What are the prices of Voice generators?

Service providers are enhancing their offerings by incorporating new voice options and accents such as human voices that include child, male and female voices. The price policies of text-to-speech tools change as new voice language, or speed options are added. Some applications provide limited free text-to-speech tutorial services. You can find more details about pricing on their website based on subscription models.

Is Text to speech feature available in android?

Android has an online read-aloud feature, and audio file convert apps for android and ios are available in app stores. Speaktor provides an Android application with text-to-speech.