Mozilla Firefox

What is Mozilla?

Mozilla Firefox or shortly Firefox is a free and open-source web browser. Firefox gives users a clean interface and fast download speeds.

What are the Text to Speech Extensions and Add-ons that Mozilla Supports?

There are a lot of text to speech browser extensions and add-ons that are supported by Mozilla. 

They can be listed as:


TTSFox is a text to speech extension which is only available on Mozilla Firefox web browser.

To activate TTSFox on your Firefox browser:

Intelligent Speaker

Intelligent Speaker is an add-on for Firefox which provides its users the opportunity to save and list the websites to listen to later.

To activate Intelligent Speaker on your Firefox browser:

If you want to listen to the text immediately:

If you want to listen to the text later:

Read Aloud 

Read Aloud is a Firefox add-on that allows you to convert any webpage you visit from text to speech.

To activate Read Aloud on your Firefox browser:


To activate Talkie on your Firefox browser:

Text to Speech (TTS)

To use Text to Speech on your Firefox browser: