Who are Visually Impaired People?

Visually impaired people are individuals who have partial (low vision) or complete loss (blind people) of vision. This ranges from mild visual impairments, such as near-sightedness or color blindness, to severe visual impairments, such as complete blindness. Visually impaired individuals have difficulty with daily tasks that require vision, such as reading, writing, and navigating unfamiliar environments.

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What is Reading Assistance?

Reading assistance refers to tools, technologies, or services that help individuals with reading difficulties or disabilities, such as visual impairments, dyslexia, or cognitive impairments, to access and understand written materials. These tools and technologies range from simple aids, such as magnifying glasses or large print books, to more sophisticated assistive technologies, such as text-to-speech software, braille displays, and screen readers.

The goal of reading assistance is to provide equal access to information. This allows individuals with reading difficulties or disabilities to participate fully in society.

Why Do Visually Impaired People Use Reading Assistance?

Visually impaired people use reading assistance because they have difficulty seeing written materials or may be completely blind, making it challenging for them to access written information. Reading assistance provides a way for these individuals to access and understand written materials, enabling them to participate in daily life and achieve their full potential.

What are the Best Reading Assistances for Visually Impaired People?

There are several assistive technologies available for visually impaired people to help them with reading.

What are the Low Vision Devices for Reading?

What are the Most Preferred Screen Reader and Text-to-Speech Software?

Here is a list of preferred screen reader and TTS software:

What is Speaktor?

Speaktor is an artificial intelligence voice generator with text-to-speech software that has a high-quality voice API that is great for e-learning.

This is a program that you access through your mobile app and on a desktop or laptop computer. You have plenty of natural-sounding speech options that will talk to you in real-time.

Speaktor provides text-to-speech AI voices in many different languages including English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Korean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Speaktor Beneficial for Visually Impaired People?

Speaktor, using text-to-speech (TTS) technology, is beneficial for visually impaired people by providing an audio representation of written text. This allows them to listen to and understand text that they may not be able to see. Speaktor is used to read out loud digital content such as websites, emails, documents, books, and more. This increases accessibility and independence for visually impaired individuals who otherwise struggle to access written information.
Additionally, TTS technology is integrated into other assistive devices, such as screen readers and electronic magnifiers, to enhance their functionality and provide a more comprehensive solution for people with visual impairments in everyday life.

How to Use Speaktor?

Speaktor is available on both iOS and Android devices. Whether you are using iPhone or iPad, it is possible to install the Speaktor app from AppStore. If you are using Android, the app is also available on Google Play Store.