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When selecting Tarryn Fisher’s audiobooks, consider checking out popular platforms like Amazon-Audible, where you can find her audiobooks in various formats, including Kindle. You can also explore Goodreads for reader reviews and recommendations to add to your “wishlist.”

To enhance your experience, engage with the Harlequin Audio editions of her works. Because they often feature skilled narrators who bring the characters and emotions to life.

When diving into her audiobooks, be prepared to embrace emotions and immerse yourself fully in the intricate and thought-provoking narratives. Whether it’s “The Wives” with its gripping plot or “Mud Vein” with its haunting atmosphere, each audiobook promises a unique and captivating journey.

Finally, after listening to a Tarryn Fisher audiobook, take some time to reflect on the recurring themes, motifs, and symbols. This reflection will allow you to appreciate the depth of her storytelling and the complexity of her characters.

Who is Tarryn Fisher and What Makes Her Audiobooks Stand Out?

Tarryn Fisher is an American author known for her captivating and thought-provoking English literary works. Her work is primarily in the psychological thriller and contemporary romance genres. Born on January 29, 1978, Fisher grew up in Seattle, Washington. She gained widespread recognition for her ability to craft intricate and dark narratives that explore the complexities of human relationships.

Her literary career took off with the publication of her debut novel, “The Opportunist,” in 2011. It became the first installment in her Love Me with Lies series. This book showcased her talent for creating morally ambiguous characters and delving into the darker aspects of love and desire. She has become The New York Times bestseller author. As her writing career progressed, Fisher continued to explore themes such as obsession, jealousy, betrayal, and the blurred lines between right and wrong.

Her psychological thrillers often feature unexpected twists and turns, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats throughout the story. Tarryn Fisher is skilled at creating unreliable narrators and narrations, making it challenging to discern what is real and what is merely a character’s perception. This adds an element of intrigue and mystery, making her audiobooks, mostly narrated by Lauren Fortgang, especially gripping and unpredictable.

What are the Top-Rated Tarryn Fisher Audiobooks of All Time?

Here are the best audiobooks by New York Times bestselling author Tarryn Fisher:

The Wives

This psychological thriller follows the story of Thursday, a woman married to a polygamist who becomes obsessed with uncovering the secrets of her husband’s other wives. With its gripping plot, complex characters, and unexpected twists, “The Wives” received high praise from both critics and readers alike.

Mud Vein

Widely regarded as one of Tarryn Fisher’s most powerful works, “Mud Vein” is a standalone psychological thriller that centers around Senna Richards, who wakes up to find herself trapped in a remote cabin with no recollection of how she got there. The audiobook is praised for its haunting atmosphere, emotional depth, and intense storytelling.

The Opportunist (Love Me with Lies series)

As the first book in the Love Me with Lies trilogy, “The Opportunist” introduced readers to the complex relationship between Olivia Kaspen and Caleb Drake. This contemporary romance novel stands out for its intricate character development and exploration of love, forgiveness, and redemption.

Thief (Love Me with Lies series)

The second book in the Love Me with Lies trilogy, “Thief” continues the complex and tumultuous relationship between Caleb and Olivia. The audiobook is praised for its emotional intensity, unpredictable twists, and exploration of trust and deception.

F*ck Love

This contemporary romance novel follows the story of Helena Conway, who finds herself torn between her long-time boyfriend and her new neighbor, Kit Isley. Known for its witty dialogue and emotional depth, “F*ck Love” resonated with readers and audiobook listeners alike.

F*ck Marriage

Two years ago, Billie Tarrow’s husband left her for another woman. Shamed and divorced, Billie retreated to her family home in Port Townsend, far from her old life in New York. After a near-death encounter, Billie decides to return to the city that took everything from her.

End of Men

End of Men Series includes three books: Folsom, Jackal, and Kasper. Each of them deserves to be on your booklist. USA Today bestselling author Fisher provides a great science-fiction book series this time. With its twisty plot, readers and listeners love the story.

The Wrong Family

The Wrong Family is a psychological thriller and suspense novel about a small family living in the Seattle Metropolitan area and the horrors that happen behind the closed doors of a seemingly perfect life. It is one of the readers’ favorite Tarryn Fisher books. After years of trying to get pregnant, Winnie and her husband Nigel finally have a son named Samuel. Winnie puts all of her energy into being a wife and mother in an attempt not to be a bad mommy and to move on from her dark past.

When all is seemingly perfect, Winnie’s unstable alcoholic brother, Dakota, moves in with them, creating tension and threatening to uncover what the couple has tried so hard to hide. While all this is happening, unbeknownst to the family, a homeless woman named Juno has made herself a home in a hall closet and the crawl space beneath after following them home from the park. Juno overhears too much of the family’s secret horrors before she has to get herself involved.

Never Never

It is a notable work co-written by Tarryn Fisher and Colleen Hoover. The book is the first installment in the “Never Never” series, a gripping young adult mystery and romance series. Especially “Never Never: Part Three” is certainly worth adding as it has positive reviews by readers and audiobook listeners.

Atheists Who Kneel and Pray

Yara Phillips is a wandering muse. She dates men who need her but always moves on to something new, never staying in one place for very long. David Lisey is in need of a muse. A talented musician lacking lyrical inspiration. When he first sees her, he knows he found what he’s been looking for.

I Can Be A Better You

When Fig Coxbury buys a house on West Barrett Street, it’s not because she likes the neighborhood, or even because she likes the house. It’s because everything she desires is next door: The husband, the child, and the life that belongs to someone else.

An Honest Lie

An Honest Lie is about a woman named Lorraine, who goes by Rainy and lives a remote life with her boyfriend Grant at the top of Tiger Mountain hiding from her past. Rainy reluctantly goes on a weekend girls’ trip to Vegas with a group of girls who are more Grant’s friends than hers. She expects an exhausting parade of shots and slot machines, but after a wild night, her friend Braithe doesn’t return to their hotel room.


In Tarryn Fisher’s horror fiction, suspense, and thriller novel, Marrow, a girl named Margo lives with her cursed mother who hasn’t spoken to her in over two years, in a cursed house, in a neighborhood called the Bone. Margo lives her life feeling invisible until she becomes best friends with Judah Grant, her wheel-chair bound next-door neighbor.

Themes and Recurring Motifs in Tarryn Fisher’s Audiobooks

Tarryn Fisher’s audiobooks often explore complex and thought-provoking themes, featuring recurring motifs and symbols that add depth to her narratives. While each book has its own unique plot and characters, some common themes and motifs are present throughout her works:

  • Identity and Self-Discovery: Many of Fisher’s protagonists grapple with questions of identity and self-discovery. They often find themselves questioning their own beliefs, choices, and the truths they thought they knew. This theme is prominent in works like “Mud Vein” and “Never Never,” where characters wake up with no memory and must piece together their pasts to understand who they truly are.
  • Love and Obsession: Love is a central theme in Fisher’s contemporary romance novels, but it’s often explored in unconventional and complex ways. Her characters often experience intense and obsessive love, blurring the lines between passion and possession. In “The Opportunist” and “F*ck Love,” the characters’ relationships are fraught with emotions, secrets, and betrayals.
  • Morality and Ambiguity: Fisher’s audiobooks frequently challenge traditional notions of morality. Her characters often find themselves in morally ambiguous situations, where right and wrong become blurred. This theme is evident in works like “Bad Mommy” and “The Wives”.
  • Secrets and Deception: Secrets and deception play a significant role in many of Fisher’s narratives. Characters often keep hidden agendas, and the truth is gradually revealed throughout the story. This theme can be seen in “Thief” and “The Wrong Family,” where characters’ secrets have far-reaching consequences.
  • Memory and Perception: Memory loss and unreliable narration are common motifs in Fisher’s audiobooks. “Mud Vein” and “Never Never” exemplify this motif, where characters struggle to trust their own recollections.
  • Redemption and Forgiveness: Several of Fisher’s works explore themes of redemption and forgiveness. “The Opportunist” and “The Wives” delve into the themes of forgiveness and second chances.

The Evolution of Tarryn Fisher’s Writing Style across Audiobooks

In her early audiobooks, such as “The Opportunist” and “Dirty Red” (Love Me with Lies series), Fisher established herself as a skilled storyteller with a penchant for exploring complex relationships and morally ambiguous characters. Her writing style showcased emotionally charged prose, exploring love, betrayal, and the consequences of past actions.

As her career progressed, Fisher delved into darker and more psychologically intense themes. Works like “Mud Vein” and “Bad Mommy” demonstrated a shift towards exploring twisted and emotionally challenging narratives, with unreliable narrators and intricate psychological landscapes becoming more prominent in her storytelling.

Throughout her works, Fisher consistently crafted complex and multi-dimensional characters. As her career evolved, her characters became even more flawed and morally gray, allowing readers to explore the depths of human nature and empathize with even the most enigmatic individuals.

Tips for First-Time Listeners of Tarryn Fisher’s Audiobooks

“The Wives” is a great starting point for new listeners. It is a gripping psychological thriller with a compelling plot and well-developed characters. The story’s twists and turns will keep you engaged and eager to explore more of Fisher’s works.

Choose a quiet and comfortable environment for listening to Tarryn Fisher’s audiobooks. Her stories often require focus and attention to fully appreciate the intricate plotlines and psychological depth.

Fisher’s storytelling often involves unexpected twists and unreliable narrators. Embrace the element of surprise and allow the story to unfold organically without preconceived notions.

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